[S26] Adaptation to global climate change

Current global climate change is leading to a warmer, but also more variable world. Species are now often facing novel sources of climatic variability, both in their original geographic ranges, but also because climate change-mediated range shifts are exposing species to novel or more spatially-diverse set of climates and weather patterns. A central objective in modern evolutionary biology is to understand how such spatial and temporal variability affect key evolutionary changes including the potential for evolutionary rescue from climate change-induced declines. What are the evolutionary constraints on speciesí climate adaptations during range shifts? What is the role of adaptive evolution and plasticity during range shifts and changing climates? How are in situ adaptation and the eco-evolutionary dynamics of range shifting impacted by increasing variability superimposed upon a warming trend? How do spatial and temporal climatic variability interactively affect the ability of species to adapt to climate change? This symposium will bring together researchers addressing these and related questions from diverse theoretical and empirical perspectives. The aim is to identify ways that they can be most effectively combined to strengthen conclusions about drivers of changing biodiversity and adaptations at multiple spatial and temporal scales.
Organizers: Fredrik Jutfeld, Lesley Lancaster, Irja Ratikainen, Justin Travis
Invited speakers: Michael Angilletta, Yngvild Vindenes