Poster sessions
Poster sessions are scheduled in the programme on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17.30 - 19.30
You can find the detailed scientific programme here
The poster sessions will be held in the venue MartiniPlaza.
A posterboard and fixing materials will be provided by the organizers. Please design your poster in A0 format, portrait orientation (841 width x 1189 mm height). Posters will be ordered per symposium and the specific number of your poster is published in the programme booklet and in the online programme.
Posters should be put up on Sunday 20 August or Monday 21 August, and will be displayed throughout the whole conference, i.e. until the end of the conference on Friday 25 August. This will ensure maximum exposure and allow participants to view your poster beyond the official poster session hours. 
The ESEB 2017 poster prizes
There will be approximately 800 posters presented at ESEB 2017, and six of these will be awarded a prize. In addition to the eternal fame that comes with being an ESEB poster prize recipient there will be a modest monetary prize (€250, €150, and €100 for one 1st, two 2nd and three 3rd prizes respectively). All conference attendees can contribute to the selection of the prize winners through the Conference App, by nominating up to 15 posters for a prize. You can nominate the posters by giving stars to the abstracts. Votes will be counted on Friday morning 25 August and prize winners will be announced at the closing ceremony. 

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