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The Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences of the University of Groningen is proud to organise
the 2017 Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology
20-25 August 2017 in Groningen, the Netherlands

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 IMPORTANT DATES            
  • June 1st: Programme online

Groningen is a lively university town in the north of the Netherlands, connected with a direct train to Amsterdam (Schiphol). The venue will be the Conference Centre MartiniPlaza close to the Groningen city center. Due to space constraints, attendance is limited to 1500 participants, on a first-come, first-served basis.

A welcome reception will take place on Sunday 20 August.

The scientific program, beginning on Monday 21 August, will consist of 8 parallel sessions running throughout the 5 days (except Wednesday afternoon). There will be some 300 oral presentations fitting within 35 symposia selected by our Scientific Committee. We will also have poster sessions associated with the different symposia, five plenary talks, and two lectures by the 2016 and 2017 winners of the John Maynard Smith Prize.
Confirmed plenary speakers are Renée Duckworth, Nicole Dubilier, Chris JigginsSvante PääboLinda Partridge, Stephen Stearns, Andreas Wagner (tentative) and Nina Wedell (Presidential Address).
There will be exhibition space throughout the congress for 1000 posters.
The Wednesday afternoon will be available for excursions to enjoy a mixture of Groningen culture and nature.
The conference dinner will be held on the final evening of the conference on Friday 25 August. 

A social area with festival tent will be available during evenings, where affordable meals will be offered.

Free childcare will be provided on request during the conference.
Note that both ESEB and SSE offer travel stipends (ESEB, SSE) to support participation of student members from economically disadvantaged countries. We will advertise these in due time. The organisers of ESEB 2017 value gender balance and wish to ensure that symposia selected for ESEB in Groningen draw participants of both sexes equally.
We look forward to seeing you all in Groningen and welcoming you to the Netherlands!

 The ESEB 2017 organising committee

 Prof. Leo Beukeboom (chair)
 Prof. Simon Verhulst (co-chair)
 Prof. Bregje Wertheim
 Dr. Martine Maan
 Emma Plender-Hartman
 Paul Steerenberg
 Mariska Pater (Groningen Congress Bureau)
 Prof. Franjo Weissing (chair scientific committee)
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